Grace Lampkin

Hi, my name’s Grace and I’m a third year Acoustical Engineering student. As your president, my role is to oversee the running of the choir, support the committee and represent the society. I’m the one to talk to if you have any ideas, questions or problems. In my first year I joined Jazzmanix because I was amazed at how friendly everyone was - I really hope you find you feel welcomed and comfortable here and have loads of fun singing with us! I am so excited to get to know everyone better and help to make the choir the best it can be for its members. Lots of jazzmanix love xx

Musical Director

Lucy Mellenfield

Hi I’m Lucy and I am one of Jazzmanix’s Musical Directors alongside Kenni this year. Our role is to arrange all the music for the choir and the band, run the auditions for the band, manage the AMD’s, and of course, it’ll be us who’ll be leading rehearsals every week!

Musical Director

Kenni Alli

Hey guys! I'm Kenni, a third year mechanical engineering student and one of your MDs this year. You'll usually find me at the front of rehearsals, being energetic and teaching some music!

VP Annual Events

Beth Stevens

Hey everyone! I’m Beth, a second year Education and Psychology student and I’ll be your Vice President of Annual Events this year. This will be my second year in Jazzmanix and it’s one of my absolute favourite places to be each week- can’t wait for this year! I’ll be organising our concerts etc. for the year and if you ever need to find me I’ll be hanging in the alto section.

VP External Engagement

Naomi Shingler

Hi! I'm Naomi and I'll be your External Engagements VP this year. This means I can organise events outside of our main concerts for example: workshops or busking. I will also be organising our charity giving over the coming year. If you have any queries or ideas for things Jazzmanix could take part in, or any booking requests, just send me an email!

I'm a third year History student and have been part of Jazzmanix for one and a half years now. I hope you will have as much fun as I do being part of this choir!

Assistant Musical Director

Priscilla Yowa

Hey everyone! I’m Priscilla and I’m one of your Assistant Musical Directors this year!

I’m a second year Biomedical Sciences student and I’ve been in Jazzmanix since my first week of first year. It has honestly been the best decision I’ve made at uni so far, I love the choir and all the people and I can’t wait to be more involved this year by running my own small group and by leading one main choir song.

If you have any questions about Jazzmanix or just generally want to chat (I’m very talkative so don’t be shy) you’ll find me in the Soprano section!

Assistant Musical Director

Kenny Adegbola

Hey Jazzmanix :D, I’m Kenny (with a Y) and I am a first year Philosophy and Music student. This year, I will be one of your Assistant Musical Directors! As AMD, I will be running an acapella small group where we will sing some great tunes. Come and find me in the Bass section if you need me!!

Assistant Musical Director

Evelina Nykänen

Hi! My name is Evelina and my position in committee is AMD (Assistant musical director). I'm a second year music and business management student who is excitingly waiting to teach the whole choir one fab song. I will also be leading my own small group. Yey, this is going to be such an awesome year!


Helena Smyth

Hi, I’m Helena and I’m a fourth year History and Spanish student. I am this year’s Secretary for Jazzmanix but it’s not my first time being on committee because I was Publicity and Media Secretary a couple of years ago! I absolutely love Jazzmanix and have made such amazing friends being part of this crazy choir. I can’t wait to have another year of fun, dancing and, of course, singing!


Victoria Babeau

Hi! I’m Victoria and I’m this year’s Treasurer, which means you trust me with the choir’s bank account. ;)

I’m a second year in Spanish and German, and it’s also my second year in Jazzmanix. I’ve had a great experience in the choir last year, let’s make it even better this year!

Publicity & Marketing

Milly Rusling

Hi I'm Milly, a first year music student. I have been a part of Jazzmanix for a year now and absolutely love it! I am your Publicity and Marketing Secretary for this year so essentially my role is to promote Jazzmanix and I am also incharge of merch so let me know if you have any suggestions. I can be found in the alto section of the choir, please come and say hello!

Online Media Secretary

Michael Harpham

Hi guys! I’m Michael and I’m proud to be your online media secretary!

I’m a 3rd year Environmental Sciences student, and I’ve always loved singing and performing in choirs and musical theatre groups in my spare time!

This year I’ll be busy working behind the scenes, making sure the Jazzmanix website is up to date with lots of lyrics for you to learn, and uploading videos of all your awesome performances! If you have any questions or suggestions, I’m friendly, approachable and always up for a chat - you’ll find me singing with gusto in the bassist section. ;) Looking forward to meeting you and/or welcoming you back in Jazzmanix!

Social Secretary

Cameron Lamming

Hi guys! I’m Cameron and I’m your social sec for this year. I’m a second year Business Analytics student. This choir has led to some of the best moments of my first year and I look forward to helping create some of the best moments this year. My job is to organise all the socials. This includes our Christmas meal and our fantastic summer ball. Get ready to have a lot of fun. If you want to talk to me, I can normally be found in the tenor section (you can’t miss us, we make a lot of noise). See you soon!

Tour Secretary

Anna Petric

Hi everyone! My name is Anna and I am your Tour Sec for Jazzmanix 2018/2019!

I am now in my final year at Southampton studying history and I joined Jazzmanix regrettably late in the second semester of second year. I have loved being a member of the choir so much so I joined the committee, something I never thought I would do throughout my time at uni!

I am so excited to arrange this year’s tour and hope I can get as many people on board as possible! I am enthusiastic and love chatting to new people so please let me know any ideas you have for the tour; where to go or what to do for example!

I sing in the soprano section so come and say hello if I am not already chatting away!